• Overview

    Add the Weather Forecast app to your site to display the weather up to six days ahead.

  • Adding the Weather Forecast App

    To add the Weather Forecast app:

    1. From the left side of the Editor, click the market icon to open Wix App Market.
    2. From Wix App Market, click Weather Forecast.

    3. From Weather Forecast, click Add to site.

    Weather Forecast is added to your site.


  • Customizing the Weather Forecast App

    To customize the Weather Forecast app:

    1. From the Editor, click the Weather Forecast app to select it.
    2. Click App Settings.
    3. Under Settings, next to Default location, type a location. Click Apply.
    4. Select a temperature scale, number of days to forecast, layout and options for your app.

    5. Under Colors, customize the colors and style of your weather app.

    Your Weather Forecast app is customized.