• Overview

    Allow your site visitors to get in touch with you with a Skype call or chat button. 


  • Adding a Skype Button to Your Site

    To add a Skype button:

    1. From the left side of the Editor, click the plus sign to open Add.
    2. From Add, click Apps and then click Skype Button.
    3. From Skype Button Settings, under Enter Your Skype Name, type your Skype name.

    4. Click Update.

    You’ll need to update your Skype Privacy Settings to receive calls or messages from visitors who aren’t in your contact list to activate this feature. From your Skype Privacy Settings, under Allow calls from…, select the radio dial next to anyone.

    5. Under Choose Button, click the drop-down menu and select Call or Chat.

    A Skype button is added to your site.

  • Customizing a Skype Button

    To customize your Skype button:

    1. In the Editor, double click the Skype button to open Skype Button Settings.

    2. Under Choose Color, click the dropdown and click a color to select it.
    3. Under Choose Size, click the dropdown and click a size to select it.

    Your Skype button is customized.