• Overview

    Add LinkedIn Business Cards directly to your Wix site and allow your visitors to share it with others.

  • Adding LinkedIn Business Cards

    To add LinkedIn Business Cards:

    1. From the left side of the Editor, click the market icon to open Wix App Market.
    2. From Wix App Market, search for LinkedIn Business Cards.

    3. From LinkedIn Business Cards, click Add to site.

    LinkedIn Business Cards is added to your page.

  • Connecting Your LinkedIn Account to Your Site

    To connect your LinkedIn account to your site:

    1. From the Editor, click on the LinkedIn app to select it.
    2. Click App Settings.
    3. Click Connect Account.

    If you would like to create a new LinkedIn account, click Create one.

    4. From the LinkedIn page that opens, sign into your LinkedIn account.
    5. Click Allow access.

    Your LinkedIn account is connected to your site.

    To disconnect your LinkedIn account from your site, click Disconnect Account.

  • Customizing Your LinkedIn Business Cards App

    To customize your LinkedIn Business Cards app:

    1. From the Editor, click the LinkedIn app to open LinkedIn Business Cards Settings.
    2. Click App Settings.
    3. Under Card Type, select a personal or company business card.

    4. Click Settings to open the settings section.
    5. Under Settings, check or uncheck the boxes next to the relevant options.

    6. Click Design to open the Design section.
    7. Under Design choose from the design options below:

    Your LinkedIn Business Cards app is customized.