• Overview

    Add a Google Map to your site to direct your visitors to a physical location.

  • Adding a Google Map

    To add a Google Map:

    1. From the left side of the Editor, click the market icon to open Wix App Market.
    2. From App Market, click Wix apps and then click Google Maps.
    3. From Google Maps, click Add to site.
    4. From Google Maps Settings, under Address, type a physical address in the field and click Find.

    5. Under Description, type a description for the location and click Set.

    6. Click outside of the Google Map to close Google Maps Settings.

    A Google Map is added to your site.

  • Customizing Your Google Map

    To customize your Google Map:

    1. Double-click your Google Map.
    2. From Google Maps Settings, edit the address, description, change the Map Type and more.

    3. Click outside of the Google Map to close Google Maps Settings.

    Your Google Map is customized.

    You can also add a Google Map by using the HTML app. Get an embed code from Google Maps and add the code to the HTML app.

  • Google Map Options

    Address – add the address of a physical location.
    Description – add the description of the location.
    Map Type – choose from Normal, Terrain, Satellite or Hybrid.
    Other Options – choose to allow or not allow various map options including: Control map type, Zoom options, Navigation control, Street View control and Map dragging.