• Overview

    *This feature was removed from the App Market. If you've added it already, it will appear on your site and you will be able to customize the settings.*

    Share your Flickr images on your site.

  • Customizing Your Flickr Gallery

    To customize your Flickr Gallery:

    1. Double-click your Flickr Gallery.
    2. From Flickr Gallery Settings, under Display by Tag, click the drop-down menu and select a tag to set which images will display.
    3. From Flickr Gallery Settings, select which images to Show, the Layout, Gallery Size and Image Size of your gallery.

    4. Click outside of the Flickr Gallery to close Flickr Gallery Settings.

    Your Flickr Gallery is customized.

  • Flickr Gallery Options

    Flickr Username – type your Flickr username in the field.
    Display by Tag – choose which images to display in your gallery.
    Show – show the latest images or random images.
    Layout – display your images horizontally or vertically.
    Gallery Size – select the number of images in your gallery.
    Image Size – choose an image size.