• Overview

    Add an admin login button to your site to log in to Wix and open your Editor directly from your live site.

  • Adding an Admin/Webmaster Login Button

    You can add an admin login button to your site and bypass signing into Wix.com to edit your website. If you have a login button on your site, to edit your site, you will simply have to click on the button to sign into Wix and be directed to the Wix Editor.

    To add an admin/webmaster login button:

    1. From the left side of the Editor, click the plus icon to open Add.
    2. From Add, click Apps.
    3. From Apps, click Admin/Webmaster Login.

    4. Drag the Webmaster Login button into place. 

    A login button is added to your site.

    Your pop-up blocker must be disabled for your Editor to open directly from the live page. For more information about disabling your pop-up blocker, click here.

  • Customizing Your Admin/Webmaster Login Button

    Customize your login button by clicking on it and updating the button style.

    To customize your admin login button:

    1. Click your Admin/Webmaster Login button.
    2. From Admin/Webmaster Login, click Change Style.

    3. From Change Style, next to your style, click Edit Style.

    Or create a style of your own from scratch by clicking Personalize this Button!

    4. From Advanced Styles, change the Text Colors and Font Style. Click OK.

    Your Admin/Webmaster Login button is customized.