• Overview

    The Mobile Editor allows you to automatically direct your smartphone users to a mobile-optimized version of your desktop site. In addition, you can create a Mobile Action Bar for your site. The Mobile Action Bar is an add-on layer that appears when your site is accessed from a mobile device.

    You can activate Optimized Mobile View or the Mobile Action Bar, or you can activate both. Activating only Optimized Mobile View allows your visitors to see your mobile-optimized site from a smartphone device without the Mobile Action Bar. Activating only the Mobile Action Bar allows visitors to see your regular desktop site from a smartphone device with the Mobile Action Bar add-on layer. Activating both allows your visitors to see both your mobile-optimized site with the Mobile Action Bar add-on layer from a smartphone device.

  • Activating the Optimized Mobile View

    A mobile-optimized site is automatically created for you from the contents of your desktop site. Your users will not be able to see this mobile-optimized version of your site before you review the contents in the Mobile Editor. After viewing and editing your site's mobile version in the Mobile Editor, activate Optimized Mobile View to direct your users to this optimized version of your website from smartphone devices.

    New elements and changes that you make to your desktop site will automatically be added to your site's mobile version. Therefore, we highly recommend building and editing your desktop site to completion before editing your mobile site and enabling Optimized Mobile View.

    To activate Optimized Mobile View:

    1. From the left side of the Mobile Editor, click the gear icon to open Mobile Settings.
    2. From Mobile Settings, click Mobile View.
    3. Click the toggle icon to enable the Optimized Mobile View.

    The toggle icon will be marked red when the Optimized Mobile View is off and green when Optimized Mobile View is on.

    4. Click Done.

    Your Optimized Mobile View is activated.

  • Personalizing Your Mobile Preloader

    While your mobile site loads, your visitors will see a simplified version of your site (this is the default setting and is recommended). This will allow your visitors to have a quick preview of your home page until the site fully loads and is functional. To see this behavior, simply load your site on a mobile device after publishing your site.

    Alternatively, you can enable the mobile preloader so that your company or site name and an image appear with a loading icon. To personalize and enable the preloader instead of showing your site's simplified version while loading, please follow the instructions below. 

    To enable and personalize your mobile preloader:

    1. From the left side of the Mobile Editor, click the gear icon to open Mobile Settings.
    2. From Mobile Settings, click Mobile Preloader.
    3. Check the checkbox next to Enable Preloader.
    Note: You can only check the Enable Preloader box if you have selected the mobile optimized view
    4. Under Company/Site Name, type your company or site name in the field.

    5. Click Upload to add a logo or image that represents your site.
    6. Click Upload Images to upload a new image or select an existing one. Click Change Image.

    Recommended image size: 256 x 256px.

    7. Click Done.

    Make sure to click Publish from the top right of your editor so that these changes will be reflected on your live site.