• Overview

    With Windows Live you will be able to create email addresses for free (for example, info@yourdomain.com, contact@yourdomain.com, orders@yourdomain.com, john@yourdomain.com and so on).
    This link has a quick overview on how Windows Live works.

  • Connecting Your Windows Live Email to Wix

    To connect your Windows Live Email to Wix:

    1. Click here. Under the heading Custom Domains, click on Get Started.

    2. Add your domain and select Set up Outlook.com for my domain. Click Continue.

    3. Under Assign a domain administrator, click an option to sign in with an an existing Microsoft account or to create a new account.
    4. After signing into your account, from the page Review settings and accept agreement. Click I Accept to accept the terms.

    5. Under Mail setup, next to MX server, copy the code.
    6. Update the MX record under your Wix Domain Manager by following the instructions here.
    7. Once you have added the MX record to your Wix Domain Manager, click Refresh to refresh your Windows Live page.

    It may take several minutes for your domain to be verified.

    8. When your MX record is verified, click Add and follow the prompts to setup your email accounts.

    Your Windows Live mail is live!