• Overview

    You can find a list of reasons for why the domain transfer failed, on this page.

    If your domain transfer failed, you can simply initiate the transfer process again. Please also review the checklist provided here.

    Please note that you will be refunded for the payment you made to initiate the transfer if it fails. The refund will appear within 20 business days.


  • Finding the Reason for Domain Transfer Failure

    Find the reason for the domain transfer failure. 

    To find the reason for domain transfer failure:

    1. From Wix.com, click My Account.
    2. Next to Manage Premium, click Domains.
    3.  Under My Domains, next to the domain you have attempted to transfer, click Transfer Failed.

    The domain transfer failure reason appears. 

  • Domain Transfer Errors

    Check the reason for the transfer failure below, and follow the instructions to successfully transfer your domain to Wix:

  • 1. Authentication failure - Invalid authorization information


    An invalid EPP key (authorization code) was entered in the Enter Authorization Code window.
    Instructions for how to resolve:

    • Repeat the transfer domain process. Make sure to correctly type your domain and check that you pasted the exact authorization code you received from your current registrar.

    • Make sure to remove any spaces after pasting the authorization code.

    • If you receive this error after repeating the process with the instructions above, please contact your current registrar and confirm that you are using the correct code or request a new code.


  • 2. Domain Owner has not responded to transfer approval pending request


    We did not receive a reply to the approval email after transfer was requested. 

    Instructions for how to resolve:

    • Verify that the email address for the domain admin/registrant is your own email address, as we will send a confirmation email to that address once the transfer is initiated. You can check your domain admin/registrant e-mail address(es) via the WHOIS database here.

    • Repeat the transfer domain process. Then, check your inbox for an email from support@wix.com and make sure to click on the approval link in the email.

    • Check the inbox of the email account that you registered with your current domain host.

    • Check your Spam folder if you do not see the mail in your inbox.

  • 3. Permission denied - Authorization error


    It is not possible to transfer your domain to Wix due to the technical limitations of our transfer system.

    Instructions for how to resolve:

    As transferring your domain to Wix is not possible, keep the domain hosted with Register.com and connect the domain to your Wix site with nameservers or IP pointing. For further instructions, click here.

  • 4. Status prohibits operation - Object status prohibits operation


    The domain had the transfer lock enabled with your current registrar or 60 days have not yet passed since you registered or last transferred your domain. 

    Instructions for how to resolve:

    • Verify that it has been more than 60 days after purchasing your domain with your current registrar.  If it has been less than 60 days, please wait the entire period before trying to transfer your domain to Wix.

    • Find out if your domain is locked with your current registrar. If it is, unlock it and try again. Note that before trying again, some registrars require a waiting period of a few days after unlocking your domain.