Domain Troubleshooter17

It appears that in your Wix domain manager you have chosen to connect your domain through pointing, while in reality you are trying to connect through name servers. This mismatch is what's causing your site not to be displayed. It is also possible that you simply forgot to add your domain name under the Wix Domain Manager.

Please go into the Wix Domain Manager (My Account > Manage Premium > Domains) and remove the domain and then add the domain name again under DNS (name servers).

Please remove your domain and add it again by doing the following:

1. From menu, hover over Subscriptions and click Domains.
2. Under My Domains, next to your domain name, click the redand click Yes,Delete.
3. From Domains, click Use a Domain You Already Own, and proceed to add your domain again.

After following these steps, please allow up to 72 hours for changes to be updated (propagate). If you are still having domain connection problems, try going through the troubleshooter again. If the same problem persists, please contact us via the Need More Help? box below.

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