Connect Your Google Apps Domain (Name Servers)

(If your domain host is not Google Apps, please click here for information).

You can connect your Google Apps domain name using two methods:

1. By connecting to Wix’s Name Servers (recommended method)
2. By pointing to Wix’s IP address. (Not recommended)


To connect your domain name to Wix’s Name Servers:

1. Sign into your Google Apps account

2. Click on Manage account information


3. Click Domain settings in the top menu > click the Domain names tab > click Advanced DNS settings


4. In the Advanced DNS settings screen click Sign in to DNS console


5. Your GoDaddy Domain Control Center will open in a new tab. Please copy and paste ‘Sign-in name’ and ‘Password’ from your Google Apps account. Note: This is the information that appears under ‘Advanced DNS settings’ and NOT your Google Apps sign in information.


6. In your GoDaddy Domain Manager click on your domain name


7. In the Domain Details page click Set Nameservers


8. In the pop-up screen select I have specific nameservers for my domains and add the following name servers: Nameserver 1: NS1.WIX.COM, Nameserver 2: NS2.WIX.COM


9. Once you have changed your settings with Google Apps, please update your Wix Domain Manager. Click here and follow the instructions beginning with Step 3 to update your Wix Domain Manager.

Your domain name is connected to the Wix Name Servers!

Important note

It may take up to 72 hours for the changes to take effect.

Click here for general information about connecting a domain.

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