Wix ShoutOut Best Practices


Prior to selecting your newsletter recipients, consider that there are laws and guidelines concerning email marketing.

Who can you send a Wix ShoutOut email to?

You may only send ShoutOut emails to people or entities that have given you their explicit written (offline) or electronic (online) permission to receive emails. We strongly recommend that you only send ShoutOut emails to contacts who you’ve interacted with in the past year. If you are unsure as to whether you’ve been in contact with them in this time frame, then ask for their permission again.

Who can’t you send a Wix ShoutOut email to?

  • A purchased/rented list from any source or any other list you obtained from a third party.
  • An email address you scraped, or copied from the internet.
  • Someone that did not explicitly agree to receive emails from you, as indicated above.
  • Someone who asked to unsubscribe or otherwise objected to your use of its email address.
  • Any email address collected through social media (such as Facebook), where the contact has not explicitly requested to receive such mail.

If you do not follow the above guidelines, you will most likely get blacklisted. This means that your emails will be marked as SPAM and may not reach your targeted audience.