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    My Wix contact form doesn't work


    If your Contact Form is not working, please try the following:

    1. Check to see that you have entered the correct email address in your Contact Form settings.

    To check your Contact Form email address: Click the Contact Form that you added to your site > in the Settings window, under Email To, enter or correct the email address that you want Contact Form submissions sent to.

    Make sure to Save and Publish if you make any changes.

    2. Check that emails sent through your Wix Contact Form are not being recognized as spam and have ended up in your Spam/Junk/Bulk Folder.

    3.  Please make sure you white list these 3 IP's on your email hosts side:

    Note: If the email address you added is example@YourSiteDomainName, make sure that the MX records are pointing correctly, click here to learn more.

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