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    How can I add a comment box to my Wix site?


    We have several comment apps available in our Wix App Market. Check out the following apps to find one which suits your needs.

    1. The Facebook Comments app allows your visitors to comment on your site using their Facebook account. 

    For support on this app, please post your question here.

    2. Comments lets your visitors leave messages and questions for you on your site.

    For support on this app, you can contact:

    Email: comments@wixplus.com

    Website: http://www.wixplus.com

    3. Social Comments by Pnyxe will enrich your site with a top-notch comment system.

    For support on this app, you can contact:

    Email: info@pnyxe.com

    Website: http://www.pnyxe.com/contact-us


    If you would like to add comments with external code, you can do so using the HTML app.

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