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    if vista print has it, shouldn't you?? custom contact forms

    Ticket by getgoopy | December 9, 2013 | Feature Request
    • pretty frustrating.  vista print is seemingly easier.  i get that you are supposed to be better, but you don't seem to have what i need right now.  will try harder.


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    • Reply from Jonathan | December 9, 2013

      You can follow the simple steps provided here. on using our contact form but yoou do not have to limit yourself to the basic contact form. We also have several contact forms available in the Wix App Market! You can find them under the "Forms" tab. Click here for more information about adding apps to your site.

    • Reply from getgoopy | December 11, 2013


    • Reply from getgoopy | December 11, 2013

      can i create a questionare kind of form?  that is what i had on vista print.

    • Reply from Jonathan | December 11, 2013

      We do not have a feature for a questionnaire but you can look for one through our app market (available through the editor, lowest button on the left tool bar) or look for one online that comes in the format of html code. If you find one you can embed this html code into an html app box (available through our app market) and that will embed the form onto the Wix website.