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    my buttons have disappeared. please advise asap. just upgraded and now fearful this is not an adequate site...

    Ticket by getgoopy | December 31, 2013 | Question

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    • Reply from Ben | December 31, 2013

      Please specify as to which buttons you are referring to, so we can better assist you.


      I have viewed your Wix site both live and in the Editor, and can see that you have not yet added a menu to your site. Steps to do so can be found in How do I add a menu?

      Ben - Wix Support
    • Reply from getgoopy | December 31, 2013

      okay, the header buttons?  the names of each of my individual pages that used to be at the top so you could click them and navigate to my other pages?  i am annoyed because i am officially paying for this now, and this should not be happening.

      i know what i am doing and i did not do this.

    • Reply from getgoopy | December 31, 2013

      i see what you are talking about.  i just resent having to make it again when it was already there.  i don't understand.

    • Reply from getgoopy | December 31, 2013

      i DID have a menu.  this whole time!

    • Reply from getgoopy | December 31, 2013

      okay after reviewing my accounting history, i lost the menu between 1039 and 1050 last night.  i am not enthusiastic about restoring to 1039 when i know darn well i will lost any progress i had made elsewhere in my site!   thank you for your time.

    • Reply from getgoopy | December 31, 2013

      whatever, i don't have time to wait and have this problem.  i am starting over then.  thank you.

    • Reply from Noa | December 31, 2013

      It seems that you have managed to solve the problem on your own.


      We are glad to hear that.

      Let us know should you require further assistance.

      Noa - Wix Team