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    Connecting Premium Wix/GoDaddy Domain

    Ticket by campbe59 | April 25, 2014 | Question
    • Hello,

      I have a domain name purchased from GoDaddy.com .   I have contacted GoDaddy and they have assured me that everything is set up correctly on their end for my upgraded Wix account to be connecting to our domain name.  We have upgraded our Wix account to the combo premium plan.  Our domain and Wix site is still not connecting and our website only pulls up under our free Wix address. My account says that the domain is "pending registry approval" and may take 7 days.  Does this mean that my site and my domain name will connect in 7 days? Is there anything I else I need to do to ensure connection?  Is the delay on Wix's end or GoDaddy's?

      Thank you,


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    • Reply from Anat | April 26, 2014

      Hello Charlie,


      Thank you for contacting Wix support.

      Please note that your transfer attempt failed since your domain privacy is active, meaning that your domain admin email and your domain registrant e-mail are currently not visible to us.

      Please make sure that you turn off your domain privacy protection, and verify that the email address for the domain admin/registrant is your own email address, via your domain host. A confirmation email is sent to your domain admin and registrant e-mail addresses as part of the domain transfer process.

      Make sure to check your inbox for an email from support@wix.com and make sure to click on the approval link in the email.

      Please make sure to:
      • Check the inbox of the email account that you registered with your current domain host.
      • Check your Spam folder if you do not see the mail in your inbox.

      You can find steps to transfer your domain to Wix here.

      If your domain privacy protection prevented you from receiving this confirmation e-mail, please note that you will need to wait for the current domain transfer request to fail in order to re-initiate the transfer process. Please note that it may take up to 7 days after the domain transfer request was initiated for it to fail.

      In the meantime, you can connect your domain to Wix to Wix using DNS. In order to do this, please follow the steps provided here


      Please let us know should you require further assistance. 

      Anat - Wix Team
    • Reply from campbe59 | April 28, 2014

      Hi Anat,


      I guess I was mistaken. What we would actually like to do is connect our Wix Site with our Domain Name purchased from GoDaddy, www.marketplaceint.com .  I just called GoDaddy back and they told me that everything is set up correctly on their end and that our nameservers are pointing to NS1.wix.com and NS2.wix.com.  Can you please check to make sure we have everything set up correctly on our Wix Account so that the domain connects?

      Thank you!

    • Reply from Anat | April 28, 2014

      Hey Carlie,


      No problem. 

      I checked your domain and it is properly connected to Wix's nameservers.

      Please allow up to 72 hours for full propagation.

      Please let us know should you require further assistance. 

      Anat - Wix Team