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    index description problem

    Ticket by luk838 | April 7, 2013 | Question
    • Hi,

      I have problems with name index description , it stay 4-5 seconds on eatme2 then he change in the name i want it The website name is www.eatmeimfamous.com , please let me know how i can fix this issue.


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    • Reply from Michal | April 7, 2013

      Hi luk838,


      This is happening because your home page title has a different text than your site title:


      Please either delete your home page title or change it to match the site title, and then save and publish your site.


      To edit your site title please go to your editor > Settings > SEO (Google) > enter a site title. 

      Then save and publish your site. 



      Michal - Wix Team