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    sitemaps should we submit to google?

    Ticket by Fish dude | October 1, 2012 | Question
    • I found that you can go to mydomainname.com/sitemap.xml, but in google webmaster tools no sitemap has been submitted   I was thinking about copying the one wix created, deleting several hidden pages I meant only for my clients to be able to find and then submitting it to google.  


      Good idea?  Bad idea?  


      Tips?  Suggestions?  

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    • Reply from Itamar | October 1, 2012

      Sending your site to google is a good idea. Please click here for information about how to submit your site to search engines (scroll down to #2).

      Itamar, Wix team
    • Reply from Fish dude | October 1, 2012


      Site versus site map...  There is a difference right?  I have submitted my URL multiple times to google, but never specifically sent them a sitemap that I know of.  


      Please if you are unsure allow someone more advanced/experienced to response.  Thanks.  



      Always short on time, never mean to be rude, just trying to get help for my company website and help others when I can.
    • Reply from Omer | October 2, 2012



      You can submit your sitemap to google webmaster tools (simply enter the URL as you wrote in your post above)

      Note that you can not edit the sitemap to hide specific pages.