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    Will Wix allow to have more than 10 colors in their drop down box and also one to write a name in?

    Ticket by tonyduffy01744 | January 31, 2013 | Feature Request
    • I have been looking for many months and Wix is truly the best I have come across.  The other website companies simply do not know abou SEO. They have descriptions missing on their pages and they have lots of keywords stuffed into their keywords section. They have H1's missing and so on. When I analysed Wix, they having a Google ranking of 8 and a page speed of 98 or so. The only problem at the moment is that I am limited to the number of colors I can add to the drop down box with Wix.  May be I am wrong but I have only managed to put about 10 or so. My daughter needs 18 colors for the customers to pick from. Plus she needs the sizes, Wix do this, so I do not have a problem with this.  The other thing is that my daughter also lets the customers pick their own name to be designed on her products.  Can anyone tell me please: Will Wix offer more colors to be put on the site and a box to write names in.  I would be very happy to do more sites with Wix if they can offer more colors.  For example if someone wants to pick from 20 clolurs they have a better choice to match their deco.  Please Wix sort this out as soon as possible. Cheers Tony

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    • Reply from Mascha | January 31, 2013

      Hi  Tony


      Currently it is not possible to add more than 10 colors as an option for a product in the online store.


      Thanks for adding this to our Wish List!


      To add a message box to a product:
      1. Click on the product gallery to select it.
      2. Click on Manage Store.
      3. Click on a product
      4. Check the box next to I want to add options.
      5. Click on Manage options and Inventory,
      6. Click on add option and select the message box.


      Adding more then two product options is not possible at this time. Therefore if your product already have 2 options you need to delete one of them to add the message box.




      Mascha, Support-Team Wix