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    the gallery link to option is not working

    Ticket by asafor9 | March 28, 2012 | Question
    • i added a link to a page on a picture from a gallery and it won't work, i tried even the link to a website and it doesn't work as well, can you help me with that ? i followed the instructions of how to do it. still no good.

      regards, Asaf

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    • Reply from Shauna | March 28, 2012

      @asafor9, I am checking your site and I see you have not added any links to your Grid Gallery. In your editor, click on your Gallery > click Organize Images from the right > you will want to add your link to each image in the "Link To:" field on the bottom.



      *You can also see your websites URL inside the editor. In the editor, click Settings > Site Address > you can see your live URL here. Remember you need to Publish your site in order to view it live online! 

    • Reply from Ron | October 2, 2012

      @ pamelacarranz4,


      We apologize for the inconvenience.


      Please specify the name of the site in question in order for us to investigate and assist, at the moment you have a number of them in your account. You can speed up the process by providing us the exact location in your site on the images and links in question as well.

      Ron, Wix Team