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    Ticket by wizaplease | February 7, 2013 | Question
    • Please help!!! Lots of content missing from Wix Editor!

      1 Url is wizaplease.wix.com/divinemettacine
      2 last date I saw the content was 2/4/13 around 10 pm
      3 master pages missing content are the: Home Page and the Services / Workshops and trainings
      4 I made changes last night but didnt publish them last night so neither is correct
      5 I was editing text and adding content to my Services / Yoga page ad the wix editor froze up so I quit and lost the content from the yoga page it happened twice was being really buggy... now tonight I went to work on my site and my home page and my services / workshops and training pages are completely blank :(
      6 I would like Wix to restore my site to an earlier version if possible but please nothing earlier the the last save version last night if possible

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