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    I am not receiving emails from my Wix website despite buying the service please help

    Ticket by camillanicholls | April 25, 2014 | Question

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    • Reply from Marina | April 26, 2014


      I'm assuming that you're referring to the mailboxes purchased via Wix.

      Which domain are you referring to? I can see that you have purchased mailboxes for two domains. In which one does the issue occur?


      Also, have you tested the email and tried to send yourself a test message? Have you been able to receive any emails in the mailbox you're referring to? Please clarify.

    • Reply from camillanicholls | April 26, 2014

      I have tested emails from the site as have the other members of the consortium who support the site. I was wanting the emails from info@thecounsellingcompany.co.uk to work. None do. However, the emails from our contact box do. Thanks for your help.

    • Reply from Rony | April 26, 2014


      I have performed a test on your Contact form and received successfully the email.

      Please check your spam folders. 

      Also make sure that the address no-reply@parastorage.com is not being blocked by your email configuration.

      Rony WixTeam