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    How do I transfer my Wix site to my Webspace Domain?

    Ticket by nadialeone | August 14, 2014 | Question
    • Hi Wix team,

      I was scrolling through your tutorials on how to publish a Wix site and I was wondering if there was any possible way I could transfer my Wix site to another domain I already own, such as, say, my Webspace Domain? If not please notify me if there are any other solutions that cost little money or are close to what I was hoping for.

      Thanks a lot,

             -Jaida Lewis (email me at Jaidalewis@shaw.ca)

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    • Reply from shayb7 | August 14, 2014



      First, please note that using your own domain with your Wix site is a premium feature and requires to upgrade your Wix site first with one of our premium plans. For information about our plans, click here.


      Once your site is upgraded, to use your own domain with your site there are two options:


      1. Transferring the domain to Wix


      Please note that this feature has not yet been released to all users.


      Transferring your domain to Wix means that your domain will be moved from the domain host that you purchased the domain from, to Wix. Your domain will no longer be managed by the domain host.


      Currently it is possible to transfer only domains with the following extensions: .com, .org, .net, .biz., .info, .co, .guru, .email, .expert, and .tv. To transfer your domain, verify that at least 60 days have passed since your registered or last transferred your domain and make sure that your domain is unlocked.


      For more information please click here.


      2. Connecting your domain to Wix


      Connecting your domain to Wix means that your domain remains with the domain host that you purchased the domain from, but is connected to your Wix site.


      There are two methods of connecting your domain to Wix, Pointing to a Wix IP address or using Wix's Name Servers. The difference between pointing to the Wix IP or connecting with name servers is really a difference in who has control over your DNS – Wix or your domain host.


      For more information please click here.


      For more information about the differences between transferring and connecting a domain to Wix, click here.


      Let me offer you the next coupons for our Unlimited and eCommerce premium plans with a Yearly agreement:


      Unlimited Sale

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      For instructions on using promotional codes, click here.


      If you need any further assistance, please let us know.

    • Reply from nadialeone | August 14, 2014


      Thank you for those options. It really cleared things up.

      I only have two follow up questions: 1, will both these options require me to pay monthly for the Premium Upgrade? And, 2, how much does it cost to own a Wix domain if I hadn’t already owned one (which I do)? Is there a monthly price?

          -Jaida Lewis

    • Reply from Ira Bel | August 14, 2014



      The answer to the first question is yes - connecting a domain to a site (even after it is transferred to Wix) is a premium feature. Therefore you will need to upgrade your site anyway.


      Regarding purchasing a domain, our current prices are (the payment is yearly):

      One Year: $14.95 (.biz domains are $15.95)
      Two Years: $27.90 (.biz domains are $29.90)
      Three Years: $38.85 (.biz domains are $41.85)
      To purchase a domain: Sign in to your Wix account > from the top menu, hover over Subscriptions > click Domains > enter your domain into the search box > click Search.
      If the domain is available, click Get It to register it directly on Wix.
      Please feel free to contact us in case you need further assistance.
    • Reply from nadialeone | August 15, 2014


      I have one follow up question to your response: so if I connect my Webspace domain to my Wix site and publish it, I will only have to pay for the monthly Premium Upgrade, and not the Wix domain? Is this true?

      Thanks again for your assistance,

                -Jaida Lewis

    • Reply from amitn6 | August 16, 2014

      Hello Jaida,

      If you have already purchased a domain you do not need to purchase it again. However in order to connect that domain to a Wix site you will have to upgrade your site with a Premium Plan as long as you want it to stay connected.

      Feel free to contact us should you require any further assistance. 

      Kind regards, Amit