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    what have you done to my site?

    Ticket by staplesnpens | March 3, 2014 | Question
    • For some reason i get an error message from wix when i try to log into my website. I have been using this for maybe 6 months no problem, then i start a marketing campaign this weekend and through out customers could not even see my site??????!

      Why have you stopped customers from viewing my site? http://www.theclickstore.co.uk/

      What changed?

      How can this be fixed with immediate effect?

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    • Reply from Rapido | March 3, 2014

      Your domain name theclickstore.co.uk is not assigned to any WIx site. Which site are you trying to connect it to?

    • Reply from staplesnpens | March 3, 2014

      Huh? i bought this domain name, months ago and moved it to wix, please assign to www.dressforwork.co.uk



    • Reply from Elad - Wix Support | March 3, 2014

      Please click here for a step by step instruction on assigning your domain to your Wix site. 


    • Reply from staplesnpens | March 3, 2014


    • Reply from Omer | March 3, 2014



      These domains are supposed to connect to this site http://staplesnpens.wix.com/dd ?

      If so, the premium package on that site is no longer valid which is why the domains are not connected to it.

      If they are supposed to connect to a different site in your account, please specify which site.

    • Reply from staplesnpens | March 3, 2014


      When did this package stop being valid? This weekend?

      http://staplesnpens.wix.com/dd is not the website that my customers see when they click on www.theclickstore.co.uk, it is a magneto site. The original website is www.dressforwork.co.uk, but i changed the domain name (bought a new domain name with godaddy) and moved it to wix just so i can point www.dressforwork.co.uk to www.theclickstore.co.uk

      can www.theclickstore.co.uk have its own premium package and let the domain be attached to it. Will this solve this problem and permanently stop this??


    • Reply from staplesnpens | March 3, 2014


    • Reply from Dror - Wix Support | March 4, 2014

      Hi Sarah,

      Allow me to clarify as I sense a general confusion about this issue:

      Due to attacks on our servers we had to make some changes to the servers that are responsible for redirecting domains to sites. Some domains that were previously pointing to an outside address (that is, not a Wix site- rather a site created by a third party) have been reset as a result.


      We need to make sure exactly which site you wish dressforwork.co.uk to point to. If this site is one of your sites created by Wix - simply let us know which one is it, and we'll provide further assistance. (You will generally need to purchase a premium package to connect the domain to the site - right now you have only one premium package assigned to the domain pensnstaples.com and the site defination.)


      If you wish to connect your domain to a website that wasn't created by Wix, you'll need to setup the relevant DNS records - these vary depending on the service you wish to connect your domain to. If you'll let us know where the domain was previously connected to - we can help you identify the next step to rectify this situation. 


      We'd like you to know that we're sincerely sorry for any inconvenience you've experienced due to recent events, and would like to help you set things properly, 



      Dror - Wix Team