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    My site is not up

    Ticket by chad637 | April 7, 2014 | Question
    • My website is not visible.  I was asked to get my account upgraded.  We upgraded the account that the site is hosted on and the site is still not visible.

      Is there anyone that can get me some answers?

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    • Reply from shayb7 | April 7, 2014



      Please note that the Wix account that you have used to post this question (email address chad@alliancecomp.com) is an empty Wix account and is not associated with any Wix creation.


      Please provide us with your site's URL or with the email address associated with the Wix account that contains this site so we could further investigate and assist.


      Awaiting your reply

    • Reply from chad637 | April 7, 2014

      The person that created my website was Harmony Boore.  Her account is:  philterphoto.com.

      Under her account is my site:  imactiveconcierge.com.

      Today I logged into her account and upgraded her account to an UNLIMITED plan.  (I was told to do this from one of your representatives last week.)  I paid the $146.02 and awaited the site to become active again.  I couldn't figure out how to do it.  So now I need some assistance.

      We need to get www.imactiveconcierge.com active once again.  Any help is greatly appreciated.


      NOTE:  If needed, I can log into her account and make any changes necessary.


      Thank you.

    • Reply from Eileen | April 7, 2014

      Hey chad637

      Please note that each site requires its own separate premium plan in order to connect to a domain.

      Right now the new upgrade is the only active premium plan and is connected to the only site in this account jan2013 which is connected to the domain philterphoto.com

      I can see a deleted site in this account called iamconcierge.

      Would you like us to restore it, publish it and connect it to the premium plan and the domain imactiveconcierge.com ?

      If so- please note that this would disconnect philterphoto.com (unless you upgrade it again).

      Eileen, Wix Team.
    • Reply from chad637 | April 7, 2014

      So I didn't need to upgrade the jan2013 account?

      The iamconcierge account is what I am interested in.  Can we restore that account?

      The philterphoto.com account can not be messed with as that is a live site and needs to remain that way.  What do I have to do to make the iamconcierge its own account?


    • Reply from Ron | April 8, 2014



      Firstly, it is important to note that we cannot restore or move any sites that are not in your account. The account owner will need to contact us directly from the email address assigned to the account and request that we do so. I understand that they are your friend, however that isn't enough for us to go on as we are talking about a premium account and user's privacy.


      Therefor, please ask the account owner to contact us as explained above and request that we restore the deleted site named iamconcierge. Only then will we be able to do so and also provide instruction on how to transfer the site to a different account.




      Ron, Wix Team
    • Reply from chad637 | April 8, 2014

      OK!  Not a problem.

      I forwarded her your response and when she gets back into town she will be reaching out to you guys.  Hopefully within a couple of days.

      In the meantime.....PLEASE DO NOT LOSE THAT SITE!  :)

      Thanks for the help and hopefully we have this resolved soon.

    • Reply from Niv | April 8, 2014


      Your site is still stored within the account mentioned above, please ask the account's owner to contact us directly with reference to this thread once he is back in town.


      Thank you for your cooperation and patience,  

      Niv, Wix Support