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Ticket by Steve Galante | March 19, 2013 | Question
  • I am working on a client's website. I created an account for him and did a Flash website, but before going to Premium and publish the site I decided to switch to HTML. How do I create a new HTML version of this website within the same account without first deleting the FLASH one ? I need to do this to sort of copy the flash pages into the html. Thanks

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  • Reply from Keren | March 19, 2013

    Hi Steve Galante,


    Please read the following notes before submitting your site (you can find all the notes here).

    1. Keep in mind that this tool is experimental and may not export the site like you wanted, this tool is designed to give you a head start in converting your Flash site to HTML5 but manual modifications are usually required afterwards.


    2. Once the site you submitted is exported, a copy of the site will be created in your Wix account (similar name but starting with html_name) The original site will not be affected! Also any premium package/domain connected will not be effected unless changed by you manually.


    3. Some of the features that are possible in Flash are not possible on the HTML5 editor at this stage. This means, things that are not possible in the HTML5 editor will not be copied into the exported sites.


    4. Please make sure to submit the Wix URL of your site regardless if its connected to a domain or not (


    5. Once your exported copy was created, you are welcome to post your feedback on this thread. Please include the URL of the exported site for reference (the original URL would also help)


    6. If you have a premium package and want to transfer it to a new HTML site you can do that. For more information follow this link

    Please don't hesitate to contact us with future questions.

    Keren, Wix Support