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    Open a text module in response to action on members of a list

    Ticket by Steve Galante | March 3, 2014 | Question
    • I have a "testimonials" page on this website I'm working on (http://galantesteve.wix.com/stevegalantewhite).

      For each testimonial I have his/her name, photo, description and sentence.

      What I want is make a list where each element has name, description and photo, then the user in response to some event (like a click on a button or mouse hovering on the picture, etc.) see a text with the relevant sentence.

      Is this possible with List Builder ? Any alternatives otherwise ?


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    • Reply from Natty | March 3, 2014

      This is not possible with hovering over the list with a mouse but you can add any kind of button and link it: 

      To add a button:
      1. From the left in the Editor, click the Add icon.
      2. From the Add list, click Buttons & Menus. Click one of the button options.
      3. From the Button Settings window, under Button Text, type a name for your button.
      4. Under Link to, click the field.
      5. From the Link Settings window that opens, click your Link type: Web Address, Page, Email or Document and add your link.
      6. From the Link Settings window, click Done.
      7. Click outside of the button to close the Button Settings window.
      A button is added to your site.
      Note: To return to Add , click Back to Add from the top of the window. To close Add, click X from the top right.
      For more information about buttons click here.


      You can also add a text to an image in a gallery. Simply follow the steps provided here:


      1. Click the gallery to select it.
      2. From the gallery settings window, click Organize Photos.
      3. From the left of the Organize Photos window, click an image.
      4. From the right of the Organize Photos window, under Title and Description, type a title and description for your image.
      5. Repeat Steps 3 and 4 for all of your images.
      6. From the Organize Photos window, click OK.
      7. Click outside of the gallery to close the Gallery Settings window.

      Please note that the title that you add to your images in your gallery will be used as the alt tag for the images.

      You can find more information about galleries  here .


      With kind regards, Natty - Wix team.
    • Reply from Steve Galante | March 3, 2014

      I tried the button route, but unfortunately I cannot link the pressing of a button to a text appearing / disappearing. On the photo/galleries, it's an option I want to explore. Going back to the list Builder, what I did is I made a list with the following elements : name, picture, description and sentence. On the "sentence" text element, I set manual height to max. 2 lines. I was hoping that the user could just click on the "..." at the end of the sentence to see it complete (like when on a long text the word "more" appears), but apparently it does not work this way... any other suggestions ?

    • Reply from Ritti | March 4, 2014


      Within the list you have the "read more" button which you can link to another page, website or mail.

      If you wish to do something else which is not part of our current features. You can add your wish to our wishlist by posting here.

      You can keep up to date with what features are coming soon here.


      Best, Ritti