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    Ticket by woollybuddha | August 20, 2012 | Question
    • I get similar problems.  When I click on edit text, it completely changes how it looked before without me touching it.  I then get it to where I'm happy and check it by hitting preview, which looks the same.  Then I refresh the actual website and it's different.  I use Firefox.  Shapes like circles look okay then in the editor they've changed shape. 

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    • Reply from Elia | August 20, 2012

      In order for the changes that you made in your editor to be published to your live website, you must click publish from the editor after you've saved your changes.

      Once you publish the changes, a confirmation box will pop up and show you the URL of your site. If you're a premium user and have connected a domain to your site, then the confirmation box will show your domain instead (i.e. yourdomain.com).

      We also recommend you to try and use different browsers and see if there is any difference.

      Wix supports all major browsers (including IE, Firefox, Google Chrome and Safari), and all of those browsers support the ability to export favorites and bookmarks to the newly installed browser.

      To download the latest Google Chrome browser please click  here
      To download the latest Firefox browser please click  here
      To download the latest Safari browser please click  here
      To download the latest Internet Explorer browser please click  here
      Elia - Wix Support
    • Reply from woollybuddha | August 28, 2012

      I always save & publish, then view the live site.  I've tried Firefox & IE but it's the same.  The text in the editor is always much smaller than on the live site.  It means I have to guess and use trial & error, taking up far too much time.

    • Reply from Adam F | August 28, 2012



      To provide you with a more accurate reply, please let us know what components are you referring to and where are they located on your site and send us screen shot describing the differences between your live site and editor. For instructions on how to take a screenshot, please use this link.