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    Can I take an existing site and upgrade to eCommerce?

    Ticket by contactatthetable | April 25, 2014 | Question
    • I already have an existing published site and now want to upgrade to an eCommerce site and add a checkout. Can I do this without having to recreate the site again? Will my existing site still be usable to build on?

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    • Reply from ilan-t | April 25, 2014



      Sure you can! To upgrade your Wix site to a different package, simply go to "My Account" > Click on the site you have already upgraded and upgrade it to the package of your choice.
      Note: You will receive a partial fee depending on the cost and type of your new package.

      For more information about billing, please click here.


      Best regards

    • Reply from contactatthetable | April 25, 2014


      One last question.

      What does 10G Bandwidth for the eCommerce vs. Unlimited mean?

      For a small business do I need the VIP?

    • Reply from Eileen | April 26, 2014

      Hey contactatthetable

      Rest assured- you should be fine with this amount.

      At the moment Wix offers up to 10GB of bandwidth, if you get close to reaching this limit, Wix will send you a notification email.


      Eileen, Wix Team.
    • Reply from norieganicholas88 | August 27, 2014

      Is there a way to upgrade from the 10G of bandwith if I exceed this?