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    Lucas Oomen Prepaid credit card

    Ticket by lluuccoo | March 11, 2014 | Question
    • Hello

      My website is great now.
      But i only have a prepaid credit card.
      Will wix accept this to publish my site??
      Please help!

      Lucas Oomen

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    • Reply from Tali | March 11, 2014

      Hey Luacs

      Please note the Wix design platform is totally free for any user.

      We do have a premium offer for a small fee that enables our users to get more storage and bandwidth if they need it, the option to remove the Wix tags, and the option to connect their Wix design to their own domain name.
      You can find out more about it here .
      For the Wix Premium Learning Center, click here.

      If you don’t need any of these options then you can use it for free as much as you like.


      If you wish to purchase a premium plan from Wix - please note Wix accepts pre-paid cards for payment, however the cards must be authorized for both recurring payments and online purchases by the issuing body which is either the credit card company (such as Visa, MasterCard and many more) or the bank if one is involved. If you have had a rejection of payment for no clear reason with a pre-paid card consider contacting the issuer of the card and explain you wish to buy an online Premium package.

      For more information about billing issues click here.

      Tali, Wix Team