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Ticket by mitche03 | April 15, 2014 | Question
  • First time using Wix and need some help

    My website was set up by a friend initally.  I have now set up my website under my own log in details.

    I think I just have to transfer the site but am not sure how to do this.  I now have 2 accounts which I'm paying for and want to consolidate to just mine and delate the initial account my friend set up.

    Please advise

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  • Reply from Danna | April 15, 2014



    I can see that your account under mitchell@lcdbrochures.com.au contains one Premium account.


    Please provide us with the URLs of both the site's you wish to have under your own account so we may guide you further.


    We await your reply.


    Danna- Wix Team