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    create menu's with MORE options...

    Ticket by JustThrilled | January 6, 2014 | Feature Request
    • the  "pages" menu's are EXTREMELY LIMITED, like most other lists and options in Wix editors:( ..

      I want to configure my own menu, and select my own pages to add in it...

      I want menu's WITH OPTIONS.


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    • Reply from JustThrilled | January 6, 2014

      WIX creates new updates but they are SO HALF ASS. excuse my language but options are limited and like I had mentioned in a earlier post, some aren't even configured right, for example, "product list" don't connect to PRODUCTS. it connects to pages...

      it makes me wonder if you actually USE/TEST these options before releasing them...

      WIX Team should focus on making 1 100% update, instead of 10 10% updates. OR fixing the current issues brought to your attention before moving forward with creating more.


    • Reply from JustThrilled | January 6, 2014

      p.s. the product list STILL has not been fixed on your end.