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    HTML keeps overlaying on entire page

    Ticket by accountan4 | March 4, 2013 | Question
    • I put an html code on my site for a countdown widget and I placed an invisible button over it so when people click on it they can go to the event. It had worked fine in the past but now the html widget wont go behind the button or anything else no matter what command i give it. Is this issue being addressed?

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    • Reply from Sheila | March 4, 2013

      Hi accountan4,


      We've looked at your site, and click the invisible button over the counter; it did take us to the YouTube page so that the button is working.

      However, it takes us to the YouTube page that says ' This video is unavailable.'  

      It seems that the URL of it is no longer valid. Please verify the URL of the event at YouTube. 





      Sheila - Wix Support
    • Reply from accountan4 | March 4, 2013

      It only works around the outer edges of the box not when I click directly on the countdown text, well at least for me it doesn't work.  The video wont be-available until the end of the countdown so the link is fine when it comes to navigation.

    • Reply from Jo | March 5, 2013

      This is because the component that you embedded is a .swf file and it isn't possible to layer an HTML component above it.