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    Thumbnail Gallery + Zoom Transition + Internet Explorer = Earthquake Transition

    Ticket by Sovereign | July 16, 2014 | Known Bug
    • please see this video and how different firefox and chrome behave (properly) compared to how IE drops the ball on the smoothness... this happens with bare metal IE, fresh install, latest edition, as well as in IE 10.

      PLEASE SEE THIS VIDEO IN FULL SCREEN AND HD TO NOTICE WHAT I AM POINTING TO, smaller and non hd playbacks just wont be big enough to show it clearly. but it is BAD on big screens like laptops or desktops in website's own maximized window.




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    • Reply from Sovereign | July 16, 2014

      also, please do not directly link to my site or mention it here by name and domain, /page is ok and i can understand and work with, if need be link to it with a broken link with a space before .com


    • Reply from Sovereign | July 16, 2014

      other system specs: win 7 x64 ultimate - 16GB ram, 3.4GHz i7 - beast of a graphic card - all latest stable drivers - latest browser editions - latest and clean browser plugins for java, flash, shockwave, air.

    • Reply from Rony | July 17, 2014


      Thanks for providing the video, it helps clarifying the issue.

      I was able to replicate. 


      We have forwarded the relevant information to our QA department and they are currently working on resolving the matter.

      We will contact you with any feedback as it arises.

      Thank you for your patience and understanding.


      Rony WixTeam
    • Reply from Sovereign | July 29, 2014

      Thank you 

    • Reply from BenjaminB | August 17, 2014

      Hi wetheusers,


      This is happening because Internet Explorer doesn't fully support CSS3 yet.  CSS3 is the technology needed to render 3D transitions.



    • Reply from Sovereign | August 19, 2014

      Thank you for that clarification. I had an idea that it must be something amiss in IE11 as FF and Chrome have absolutely no issues with these wix transitions. Even on mobile.


      But IE11 with latest updates, still falls too damn short in so many ways...


      Thanks for looking into it guys.

    • Reply from Sovereign | August 19, 2014

      For wix Devs, if interested to correct the problem since Microsoft is generally not the company to go to with complaints... ESPECIALLY on the holy almighty Internet Explorer...

      I found this


    • Reply from Barrios | August 19, 2014



      Thank you for your feedback, we will take your input into consideration.


      We are here should you require further assistance.


      Many thanks, Barrios
    • Reply from Sovereign | October 3, 2014

      Any update? This has not been resolved 

    • Reply from Sovereign | October 3, 2014

      woops, wrong forum post, disregard. :)

    • Reply from Ido | October 4, 2014

      Please contact us for any further assistance.

      Best wishes,

      Ido, Wix Support.