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    Shadow OR Stripe Bug in Chrome On Editor

    Ticket by Sovereign | August 5, 2014 | Known Bug
    • think i found another one, just sittin here making more work for your QA i know :D


      I have noticed this before where some color changes (this seems to happen only to some colors on the page and only some elements, not sure why, its like one element or color gets a disconnection from cloud and never saves the changes made to it) do not get accepted on boxes/shapes/buttons although changes made after the in the same save/publish get accepted... site publishes with my stripe in its original color... and all other changes made after that change still valid and in place...


      so as i was working on this issue and wasting my time to redo the same thing i did 5 minutes before thanks to the initial bug issue, i tried to change shadow values on my strip. mind you, i just cleared my cache 3 minutes ago, and launched the editor to add 2 stripes to my header, thats all the action i have taken so far... not much to do with cache really as far as i can tell. 


      watch what happens when i play with shadow options, specifically the angle part... this is not right.

      What is even more mysterious and annoying is that once i change all those secondary values (that I really did not want to change at all to begin with) back to 0,0,5 and set the degree to 180 and click ok, the changes are accepted except for the 180... this is after i change all values and saved as you see in the last part of this video... i changed them back and kept the 180... it was again reset to zero when those other values below the angle field were set to 0,0,5.


      Thank you

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    • Reply from Boris | August 5, 2014



      Thank you for contacting Wix support team.

      I am sorry for the inconvenience you may be experiencing.


      First I would like to thank you for taking your time in making this helpful video.


      Please note that I have checked into this issue, and while I was able to recreate it on Google Chrome, I did not encounter this behavior when working on the editor in Firefox.


      I have forwarded this information to our QA department for them to look further into this issue.

      We will post an update as soon as more information is available.


      Thank you for your patience, please feel free to contact us should you need any further assistance.



      Best regards, Boris
    • Reply from Avi | August 5, 2014

      Hello wetheusers ,


      Please note, if the distance of the shadow = 1px, then the settings of the direction will be update every time you are saving the direction. 


      If the distance = 0px, that means, no matter where is the direction, you will not be able to see the shadow. this is why the shadow direction goes back to 0 

    • Reply from Sovereign | August 7, 2014

      Boris wins the cup on this one. He actually read and understood the issue and took the correct action. 


      Thank you Boris for taking the care and time bro, a lot of people on Wix team recently are not doing so again on these forums or on the emails sent to support@wix.com. This issue was obvious in 2011 and 2012, then it got really good for a while, then it is going down again... but I want to thank you for your care! That's a hard to find commodity these days in the west or in the east...

    • Reply from Sovereign | August 7, 2014

      those other responses make me wanna pay 60 bucks, get linkedin inmail JUST so i can bring this ridiculous level of service from people who do not even read or click the 1 minute video to see what happens and just blab on and type something there in the name of paid work and in name of support of client


      I would totally use all of my inmaails to give a summary of my history with wix and link to this forum post and a few other forum posts where responses are beyond ridiculous. Wix had fixed these, whatever middle manager or new people are now in, has screwed it up again... i [hate] idiots, robots, and people who claim to help and can never read the damn question. especially when I am paying them (indirectly)


      Trust me, one more straw in the bunch... and this thread and many others will directly land on all related senior wix VPs, maybe they know how best to take action so customer support does not just post something irrelevant and absolutely insulting left and right. This is a perfect comparison of two people inside the same team, one happens to know his job, the other happens to think the client, the poster is some sort of a moron or a robot i guess...  this is just wrong on the wrong persons part... I wish all people at wix cared as much as the few who do care and who do read the question and even if they can't help, their answer indicates they did try. 


      others, i just write off as the lazy people who cannot even try, maybe they are just low iq, maybe they are low on time and have to get to 100 other posts and tickets too, none of this is my problem. i pay money and i am getting bad support, not even lacking support, its there and its bad a lot of times, i have to repeat myself, i have to call instead of rely on the forums, i have to even repeat myself again on the phone so maybe they understand my point.


      maybe the rule at wix customer support should be this: I do not know anything about this customer, how about i pay attention and listen and read to what is the problem, THEN see what might be the problem and offer some solution or something else... but it seems wix team sees the keyword in subject line and just jumps on putting a pre-written canned response to my post...


      I mean this post could not have been clearer given the video, and it still earned a ridiculous first attempt response or something, i cant even tell cuz your forum has no timestamping...


      PLEASE FIX THIS before the next straw leads me to take all the actions i described above. I am NOT kidding.

    • Reply from Sovereign | August 7, 2014

      http://www.wix.com/about/us#!elad-eran/c1w1o this is publicly available and they are all on linkedin. I have had this issue 4 years ago for 2 years... then there was 1 year of good service then it is falling apart again, please fix your customer service practices wix, have a meeting, reinforce the rules, what happened to all that good improvement?

    • Reply from BenjaminB | August 12, 2014

      Hi wetheusers,


      Thank you for bringing this issue to our attention and for going into great lengths to explain to us the issue.


      Please note that when you have a shadow size of 0 pixels, then there is no shadow available to define an angle for.  This is the reason why the angle value isn't saved.  Once you have a shadow size of greater then 0 pixels, namely 1 pixel and above, then you will have an actual shadow for which you can define the angle for.