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    Ticket by Sovereign | August 2, 2014 | Known Bug
    • Please see the back and forth in this ecwid support forum


      Please adjust wix's mechanism to allow for this badly missing part of the app, the seo, the actual targetting that can take place on various products and categories.


      Ecwid has been an amazing addition to wix, it has almost made wix a pro tool now when it comes to CMS, as nothing before it was even any close to the next ecommerce/cart module... but it is absolutely DEFICIENT when it comes to SEO... at least they knew better to place a 301 redirect from the actual ecwid store link to our wix store, but other than than, we have no control of optimization over various product pages.


      please allow us to modify multi-page apps' SEO tags and options such as title, meta description, etc.

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    • Reply from Sovereign | August 2, 2014

      also, this is not a question. this is a request and bug report if you will. please do not refer me to this page on wix forums, please just put this on your to do list for release at some point in the future. you guys have done soooooooooooo much since 3-4 years ago, heck wix has improved with regards to SEO SIGNIFICANTLY just since about a year ago when mobile html5 was released. now we have 301 redirects, a lot more SEO controls, and I am sure more is in the works. but this needs to be added somewhere on that plan, Ecwid without SEO is just a tease, no real benefit for SE visibility if it is all considered 1 single page, even though urls change, and there are category and item numbers that are added dynamically... please work with Ecwid on this for a solution, or well, just work on your system as it is about the only CMS out there with such limitations and 0 access to source code. so we are at your mercy, have mercy on us, and please do this as soon as u can (:


      My hats off to Moran and Eitan for all their great work over the last 12-16 months


    • Reply from Or Y | August 3, 2014



      In terms of SEO, any app or page in your site can and will be indexed, though high ranking is highly dependent on your content.

      Remember, content is the most important feature for SEO purposes.


      Since Ecwid is a third-party app, we suggest you further contact them (in addition the forum thread you attached) at support@ecwid.com.


      Note that you can also add the Wix Online Store, as it is the most recommended option.


      Attaining a high ranking according to those keyword phrases may take time and continuous work.

      To help you get the results you want, please read out SEO Learning Center pages for tips and advice.


      Please check here for more information about keywords and keyword density.


      With the Wix SEO Monitoring Tool you will receive a Step by step guide to improve your site's SEO.


      In addition, you can also target what your customers are searching for and it will help your site to get found on Google.


      You may also consider using Google Webmaster Tools to help you in the optimization process.

      All the best, Or
    • Reply from Sovereign | August 4, 2014

      Wix store would be great if it had not been so limited when it comes to options... that i requested day 1 when yall released the html5 has not materialized yet. Ecwid on the other hand got the shop game far better than wix team, but then is highly limited by wix team and wix methods when it comes to SEO and for whatever reason is among the few apps that limit you to one store per website.


      yall either need to step up your shop game or give apps better SEO controls when they require multiple pages.

    • Reply from Sovereign | August 4, 2014

      Also Or, if you check the link I supplied you can see Ecwid's response to a similar question and request which refers us back to wix, please do not play this game, its not very fun for the paying client. 

    • Reply from Or Y | August 5, 2014



      Please let them know that since it is a third-party app, we cannot provide support for it.

      In terms of SEO, as I said, your content will be indexed, though high ranking depends on your content.


      Please refer to the tips in my previous reply and let us know in case you have any further questions.

      All the best, Or
    • Reply from Sovereign | August 5, 2014

      PLEASE MAKE THIS A FEATURE REQUEST. Ecwid without SEO and your E-commerce without options that Ecwid does offer results in two broken products not really worth all the hard time put into it. 


      if it aint a bug, it is a feature request. please make it so.

    • Reply from Gat | August 5, 2014

      Hi wetheusers,

      We apologize for the inconvenience.

      We document and learn from every feature request and bug brought to our attention. These objectives are immediately high priority milestones in Wix's product road map.


      Feel free to add your feature request to our Wish List by posting here.

      To read about our feature updates, please click here.

      Gat Wix Team.