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    Fan-Gate (Like-gate/+1 Gate/etc) of a WIX WEBPAGE

    Ticket by Sovereign | July 31, 2014 | Feature Request
    • Is this possible, i know you guys have it for facebook pages made with wix, or had it, not sure if u still even offer that anymore.


      but i want to have a coupons page, the catch is, they have to like my website via a facebook like button or +1 my domain via a g+ button before they can see the content. can this please be implemented as part of features or as an app? i doubt it is hard to pull given the existing items.



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    • Reply from Marina | July 31, 2014

      Hi wetheusers,

      Currently we don't have an app of this sort which requires visitors to like the page before gaining access to it. You can try to utilize our HTML app to incorporate such feature into your site. 


      Also, note that we currently have a feature which enables you to password protect a page or allow access for member only. To learn more about this feature, click here. You can create a workaround by using this feature - create a button which links to this page and state next to the button that only users that liked your Facebook page (and add a Facebook page Like button next to it) will be approved as members and gain access to view this page. 


      Thanks for contacting Wix support! Don't hesitate to contact us again for any additional assistance you may require. 

    • Reply from Sovereign | August 2, 2014

      the point is to gain social exposure on actual social media and also gain +1s and likes for SEO purposes, but I appreciate the effort and the suggested workaround, it may help me in other ways at other times.


      i repeat, i do not want this to be mistaken with liking a facebook page or +1 a g+ page, this is about the like/+1 button for the website/webpage on my domain, buttons already exist with wix, all I want is a automatic way for me to cover the page with a semi-transparent or blurred plate, put the like button and some descriptive text and images for design around it, and once people "like" or +1 my webpage, it redirects them to a sub-version of the page getting rid of the cover and showing you have liked us. the like can be a button for the main domain, i dont care if it does not reflect the actual page url it is implemented on.

      all of this i can achieve with regular buttons and boxes and workarounds, however, the problem is, none will actually count as a like to my webpage/website ever, this is a feature request, please add it to that list.


      Thank you

    • Reply from Leah | August 2, 2014

      Thank you for your feedback. It has been added to our wishlist.

      Sincerely, Leah Wix Support