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    The site is running so extremely slow, and it's unbearable. I lost an hour of work because it timed out. My Internet is running smoothly, just not the site. I know traffic is backed up... but some other things are bugging me. The search icon is over the text I'm typing right now, so I can't really see it that well... and I think Wix might've changed the YouTube videos to show the full image without the black borderlines, UNTIL you click play. This is a problem, because I used the black bars on

    Ticket by correlliful | April 17, 2012 | Question

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    • Reply from correlliful | April 17, 2012

      Another thing... I did this yesterday... when you post a topic, it doesn't confirm if its posted, so I always post it twice... since on Publish Site, after the update, I now have to hit that a few times before it actually does it. My head hurts too much to figure out where the delete button is to make this only one post instead of two copies >_< OW OW OW...

    • Reply from correlliful | April 17, 2012

      I believe the slowness was a server traffic... my head hurt too much at the time to really realize that's the main reason I was referring to the editor, not loading speeds. Loading speeds are fine separate, from the actual wix site, making me thing they're completely unconnected servers (which is good). The searching bar for finding an answer to a topic is still messed up BTW, which should be fixed. I'm not trying to point out every flaw, which should be obvious, otherwise I would just use another site or something xD, because I'm really just nitpicking. 

    • Reply from correlliful | May 1, 2012

      To my sadness but the Wix teams' victory, my RAM isn't working properly. On my friend's computer the editor is actually quite snappy, while it's much slower on mine, adding a few seconds to each action. This makes me wonder if an offline version for the Wix editor will ever happen? :) ... considering it seems that most of Wix is cache actually. Is it?

    • Reply from Ben | May 1, 2012

      Hi there,


      No, this isn't possible. The editor needs constant connection to our servers, it is not possible to work with it offline or save your pages to your computer.

      Ben - Wix Support