Ticket by starc007tt | October 1, 2012 | Question
  • When I bring the site up on any computer the image site fills the screen and is too large.  Can it be made to appear smaller, without keystrokes to change the screen view?

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  • Reply from Hudson | October 2, 2012



    I have just viewed your site on line and could not recreate the issue with the images.

    To change the size of the image choose your picture > resize the edges as you like.
    Please note: Changing the size of the photo in the editor can reduce the quality of the photo.

    You can find more information about how to upload a picture here .


     Please note that Wix cannot allow for IE8 to be compatible with HTML5 websites. IE8 is not the current browser version of Internet Explorer, and the fact that IE8 does not fully support HTML5 sites is a limitation of that browser version.

    For those who are still using IE8, they will receive prompts to update their browser version, if they have not done so.