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    Domain name and upgrades

    Ticket by kmaria3 | January 23, 2014 | Question
    • I have a domain name which was purchased from GoDaddy and expire the end of May. The hosting with the site expire the end of this month or the beginning of Feb. I already created my site and published it. Obvious reason I need to leave it with the wix ad. because until the GoDaddy hosting  expire I have two sites with the same domain names and it can cause problems. If the GoDaddy hosting expires I should like to upgrade my site that means  my domain name stays the same as earlier just the host will change. I do not have a lot of money to use for hosting so I am not sure which upgrade package will suit me. What can I do if the end of May my domain will also expires. Do I need to extend my domain name will GoDaddy?

      Thanks for your help

      How can I check my new site is it really alive?

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    • Reply from Carla WixTeam | January 23, 2014



      You can check all our options of packages with prices here. You will find more information about each type of package and decide what suits your needs.


      Regarding your domain, you can either renew the domain with your host and connect it to Wix or transfer your domain to Wix.


      I checked your site http://kmaria3.wix.com/marian and it's live and working perfectly.