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Ticket by richardweb6 | March 4, 2014 | Question
  • Hi,

    How can I create a master page and is it possible to be redirected to my site after a Paypal purchase? I tried making a page and hiding from the menu but having it visible. Also used paypal redirect after purchase but no success. Paypal redirects only to my site and not to the thank you page.


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  • Reply from richardweb6 | March 4, 2014

    I mean, not how to create a master page. But how do I get the thank you page to work. I am not sure about the url. How do I find it because wix as some unusual url characters. even if I name the url /thankyou

  • Reply from Hudson | March 4, 2014

    1- You must create a Master Page (not a page) and title this page to enable the deep linking feature link. (eg; name the master-page thankyou so it's url is

    2- If you have a menu that leads to site pages, you can hide the page from the menu settings.


    You can then have PayPal redirect back to the Thank You Page after the order is complete.

  • Reply from richardweb6 | March 17, 2014

    What are the exact steps on creating a master page? I think you are refering to the old wix setup and not the new one. There is only "Add Page" in the the "Pages" menu.

  • Reply from Ritti | March 18, 2014


    I redirected your question to the HTML5 forum. The answer you got was referring to Flash sites.

    You must add a shopping cart to your site before adding a Thank You page.

    To add and customize a Thank You Page:

    1. From the editor, click the shopping cart. Click Settings.
    2. Click Add a Thank You Page.

    3. Edit the page to your liking.

    This page is a standard site page within your editor and can be edited regularly.

    A Thank You page is added and customized.

    This page is hidden from your menu.

    To delete your Thank You page, follow the same steps as if you were deleting a standard page on your site.   After deleting a Thank You page, your buyers will be redirected to the home page after a completed purchase.

    Please let us know if you need more information :o)


    Best, Ritti