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    Ticket by hello319 | June 18, 2014 | Question
    • I bought and hosted my domain jimmyjoes.co.uk with Webydo. I created a new website with Wix, and tried to point the domain from Webydo to Wix as a .co.uk domain can't be fully transferred.

      However, Webydo doesn't point their domains elsewhere... 

      We need the new registrar tag: here's a quote from our domain provider:
      ".co.uk domain names do not have Epp codes. However in order to transfer away, you need to change the TAG to the new registrar. Please provide me the TAG for your new registrar and we will update it."
      What you have provided is the new nameservers- I cannot connect the domain in our system to another system's hosting- you'll need to transfer it to wix.
      Please tell Wix to provide the relevant information so that we can transfer the domain."


      How do I get around this? 

      Can I transfer my website to a different host e.g 123-reg and then point it to Wix? Is this possible?

      I've spent hours and days making my business website and now I'm getting really frustrated as I can't find a way to connect my existing domain. 

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    • Reply from Ben | June 18, 2014

      Please note that you can certainly transfer your domain to a different domain host, and then connect it to Wix. 


      Alternatively, if your current domain host does not provide the option to connect your domain to Wix via name servers, they may allow you to point your domain to Wix's IP address.


      In order to see the IP address you need to point your domain name to and read the specific instructions on how to point your domain name please go here.


      For more information on connecting your domain name to Wix please go here.

      Ben - Wix Support