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    How can I connect my domain (purchased from Wix) to my site? - 551495231

    Ticket by cdymeentertainment | July 15, 2014 | Question
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      How much does it cost to remove "wix" from the website address? Also, I have questions regarding publishing my website. Thanks

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    • Reply from debora | July 15, 2014



      To remove Wix from your website address you will need to purchase your own domain.

      You can do it directly at Wix, as explained in the Best Reply of this thread.


      Plase note that connecting your own domain to your Wix site is a premium feature and therefore you will need to upgrade to a premium plan before doing so.

      If you purchased a Yearly Wix premium plan (Combo, Unlimited, or eCommerce), you are eligible to receive a free domain name for one year.

      For more information on purchasing a domain, click here.


      If you need any further assistante, don´t hesite to contact us again.