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    Video to play under transparent image

    Ticket by Janet | March 2, 2014 | Question
    • I've uploaded videos and then placed an image over it with a transparent portion like a TV screen.   You can see the video, but when you try to click the arrow, it will not play.  I'm thinking because it is technically behind a transparent "image".  Is there any way around this?

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    • Reply from Uma - Wix Team | March 2, 2014


      If you place an element over the video it will affect its functionality. I see you have also placed a audio player button over the youtube video play button. 

      Please make sure it is not obstructed so users can use it.

      To learn more about the video, click here.


    • Reply from Janet | March 3, 2014

      I only resorted to putting the audio player button over the video so at least sound could be heard.
      I don't want to use the audio player button, I'd rather have the video work through the transparent
      image, so that's my question.  Is there any way a video can be accessed through the transparent image?
      There is one on that page that doesn't have the player button on it, that you can test.

    • Reply from Noa | March 3, 2014



      In general as you were told, once an image is on top of a video there will be no access to the play/pause/ any button of the video and there will be no option of starting it.

      If it is set for auto play, and you are fine with users not being able to access it (to pause/ play) then you can have an image on top.


      Let us know if you require further assistance.


      Noa - Wix Team
    • Reply from Janet | March 3, 2014

      Actually, that's not exactly what I was told, but thank you.

    • Reply from Uma - Wix Team | March 4, 2014

      No problem, please let us know if you require further assistance at any point.