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    Can I place a sub page menu on the page itself?

    Ticket by keenanart | April 9, 2014 | Feature Request
    • I'm hoping that you can create a sub page menu on the page itself, instead of hovering your mouse over the page title and seeing the drop down menu. Also I'm hoping you can create a link to a picture. Click on a text that bring you to a picture on the same page. This is very good for artists use, as you can click the title of paintings at the left hand side, and see the actual painting on the right hand side, without the viewer leaving another page. 

      Example of what I mean: www.andrekan.com 

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    • Reply from Natty | April 10, 2014

      You can link an element to an external web address, a page within your site, an email address, or a downloadable document.

      To add a link to an element on your site, please follow these steps:

      1. Click an element, picture, or button.
      2. Click the 'Link to' option from the 'Settings' window. 
      3. Choose 'Web Address', 'Page', 'Email', or 'Document'.
      4. Fill in the space with your external URL, choose a page, fill in the relevant email address, or choose a document, and click 'OK'.

      You can find more information about linking here.


      You can also achieve this by adding a gallery. 

      Best regards, Natty - Wix team.