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    can i use several domenes

    Ticket by monaweb | October 27, 2013 | Question
    • I purchased www.mojonhills.biz, and I regret it!!! After that I purchased the domene I want. If it is posible I want you to delete the .biz domene- if not. Can I use the same site at both domens?

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    • Reply from Michal | October 27, 2013

      Hey monamoum, 


      Thank you for contacting us.

      Unfortunately, once you have purchased a domain, you will not be able to edit, cancel or delete it.

      However, you can change the auto-renewal settings so that you will not be charged after the subscription expires. Please follow the directions below to end the automatic renewal process. 

      1. From Manage Premium, click the Billing & Payment tab.
      2. Under Domain Subscriptions, next to your domain, click Manage.
      3. Next to Next payment, click Cancel.
      4. Click the radio dial next to No, I will renew the domain manually.
      5. Click Save.


      You can now connect two domain names (URLs) to one Wix site through the Wix domain manager. 

      In order to do so you will need to follow these steps:

      Step 1: Decide which domain address is your primary one (www.domain.com).  The other domain address (www.domain2.com) will be your secondary.

      Step 2: Connect your primary domain to Wix.
      For instructions on connecting your domain to Wix, please follow this link.

      If you have a Wix Domain please follow the instructions here.

      Step 3: Once you have connected your primary domain to your Wix site, go to My Account, next to Manage Premium, click Domains > select your secondary domain from the list > Basic .
      Next to ‘Wix Site’ click on ‘Change’.

      In the pop-up window select ‘To another domain name’, select your primary domain from the drop down menu and click on ‘Save’.

      Your domain name is now redirected ! You will be able to see this under the Domain Summary.

      Note: If your primary domain name is not connected to Wix correctly, the redirection will not work.
      You will receive an error message. In this case, please make sure to follow the instructions in step 2.

      For more information, click here or watch the video below:



      Michal - Wix Team