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Ticket by monaweb | April 9, 2014 | Question
  • My site was premium. For about a week ago, I transfer the premium to a website I was creating, so my customer could follow the proses. Today his  site then become premium too. But my premium for my is gone. Can you help me to get back my premium on my site, so I can connect it to my domain?

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  • Reply from Maya | April 10, 2014

    Hi monaweb,

    You can simply upgrade the website again! 

    You can find instructions on how to upgrade your site here.





    Maya Support-Team Wix
  • Reply from monaweb | April 10, 2014

    Then I need to pay for it once more?

  • Reply from Mascha | April 10, 2014

    Hi monaweb,


    A premium plan is only valid for one site.

    If you want your second site to be a premiums site as well you need to purchase another premium plan.



    Mascha, Support-Team Wix
  • Reply from monaweb | April 10, 2014

    I know, but if I want a new wix template on my site, I know that I can transfer my premium to my newest updated wix template. And this is just what i did. 

  • Reply from Maya | April 10, 2014

    Hi monaweb,

    This is correct - you can anytime switch your premium plan to another site within the same account. I am happy to hear you found the way to do it. In case you will need any further instructions, please click here

    Please do not hesitate to contact us again if you need further assistance.






    Maya Support-Team Wix
  • Reply from monaweb | April 10, 2014

    But I did not sort it out. 

    I transfer my premium to my new wix site, and then I forgot it, and upgraded the new to premium. Then this site had two premium. And I need one of those premiums my wix site

  • Reply from monaweb | April 10, 2014

    I still need help

  • Reply from Alina | April 10, 2014


    Currently you have three premium plans for the following sites: 


    To move your premium status to another Wix site, simply click on "Packages" on the top bar on your "My Account" tab -> Click on "Transfer" under "Wix Site" -> choose the site you want the premium status to be transferred to.


    Please note that you will have to attach your domain to your updated site. You can do it via the Domain Manager when clicking on "Domains" on the top bar on your "My Account" tab -> Click "Manage" next to your domain -> Click "Change" next to "Wix Site" and choose the relevant site.

    You can also cancel your upgrade at any time within the first 14 days and receive a full refund. No questions asked! 

    To cancel your Premium package:
    1. Sign into
    2. Click My Account.
    3. From My Account, next to Manage Premium click Billing and Payment.
    4. Next to your package, click Manage.
    5. Next to Next payment, click Cancel.
    6. Follow the steps in the pop-ups that open.
    Your Premium package is cancelled.

    You will receive a full refund if you cancel your package during the 14 day trial period. The 14 day trial period indicates the 14 days after the date of your initial package purchase for a particular document.


    Alina, Wix Support Team
  • Reply from monaweb | April 20, 2014

    Yes I have premium on those tree sites, and that is my problem I transfer the spanish-supported to my urladress:, just so my customer could check out their site, while we together via Skype did the last finish on the spanish-supported. Then my customer was pleased, I then upgrade the  spanish-supported to Premium. BUT!! I forgot to downgrade it before I upgraded it. So then (and now) the spanish-supported have two upgrades. If you can check out my account you´ll see it.



  • Reply from Dror - Wix Support | April 20, 2014


    Allow me to clarify, a site cannot be connected to more than one package at a time. Since you've upgraded the previouse existing package - you've received the credit for the time left on the package which was reduced from the full price of a yearly combo package. (79 instead of 99 USD). 

    How many packages do you require on your account? 

    Dror - Wix Team