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    a couple of online store questions.

    Ticket by anconina503 | March 13, 2014 | Question
    • I have a mainpage where I want to display some of the items ive chosen, these items are now in 2 collections. one is for the front page and another is for the actual category they are in. while the front page displays these items, i want the price removed, and the "NEW" item ribbon! my next problem is: i want all items displayed on ONE page , instead there are about 10 with a page indexer. help me asap pls.

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    • Reply from Hudson | March 13, 2014



      I can see that you have firstly added products and some of the menu out side the grid lines which means that these items will not be seen on mobiles and tablets

      Gridlines appear inside your editor to help you build your site's layout. Currently your site is fixed at 980px in order to accommodate the largest number of internet users that will be visiting your site. You will want to place all of your site's content inside the Gridlines to ensure its compatibility across different browsers and devices. 


      Checkout the video below to learn more about our Gridlines feature that will help you with your site's layout. 

      The gridlines do not appear on your live site - they are there as a guide that can help you map and design your site better.To remove the gridlines, simply click on the gridlines icon from the top menu.


      ​If you do not want the price showed you will have to leave it blank while you edit the product, but then this means,  that it will remain empty, you will need to make a different collection in order to have 1 showing the price and one not.


      Sure! To add a sale ribbon to your product, open the Store Manager and click a product to edit it. From Edit Product, under Optional Details, under Ribbon, type your message (for example: Big Sale!). Click Save Product.


      For more information about managing your store, click here.


    • Reply from anconina503 | March 13, 2014

      Hi, thank you! You didn't answer my question about displaying more items per page on my list of items.. infact,i want all products listed on one page.

    • Reply from Hudson | March 13, 2014



      Sorry, to do this, just click on the product gallery, then in the settings you can change the columns and rows to fit all the products,  have a look at the image below to see what you need to change.

    • Reply from anconina503 | March 18, 2014

      I couldn't manage to get this right. Can you show me an exact method of making all my items list on one page? Also, I don't want the pictures made smaller either. Thx.

    • Reply from gills2 | March 18, 2014



      To achieve this result, please create a collection and add all your products to that collection. You can add the same product to more than one collection, so that won't prevent you from organizing your products otherwise. 

      There is a limit of 99 products per collection, but you can add as many collections as you want. 

      You can then add a product gallery and choose to display the collection that holds all your products. 

      Please keep in mind that we recommend not to add more than 100 products, as this may effect your site's performance. 



      Find more information about collections here.




      Gill, Wix Team
    • Reply from anconina503 | March 18, 2014

      Thx. New question. Is there a way for me to turn my store into a slide show? [ if there is more then 1 page per item] .. i'd want it to cycle through to the end and back to the beginning.



      i want the buttons i have to FLASH. i have a Special Offers button that i want flashing... i figure i shouold make my own img 4 this? a gif? otherwise lemme know

    • Reply from Noa | March 18, 2014



      Unfortunately this option is not available.

      Feel free to add your request to this wishlist thread.


      Regarding the flashing buttons, we don't have such a feature at the moment, but animations for Wix sites is a feature that will be released soon. Read more here


      Best Regards,

      Noa - Wix Team
    • Reply from anconina503 | March 23, 2014

      no, i can't manage to show more than 10/10 according to the Columns and Rows field. if i could make the store longer then the bottom margin sure, but i can't figure out how to get all my items on 1 page (with keeping the same size.) i like 2 per row for the size, and if i could jut have enough columns to display the rest of items on the pagei t would be great. thx. help?

    • Reply from Hudson | March 24, 2014



      When you are changing the amount of rows in the page, remember to change the height size, which you can do in the same settings box.

      Have a look at the image below to see how

    • Reply from anconina503 | March 24, 2014

      well, if i change the height, all it does is stretch the 10 items on the page, it doesn't show the items from the other page. can u show me a screenshot with exact details so i can get the desired results?


      also, to restate the question:
      i want all items on one page.

    • Reply from Dror - Wix Support | March 24, 2014


      While VERY not recommended by us due to implications on load times - you can simply make 10 collections instead of 10 pages, showing each collection in a different product gallery on the same page. You can also make the paging transparent so that the transition between one product gallery to another is invisible. 



      Showing 60 products on 3 galleries (2 per page X 10) or more if you want the images bigger is going to slow down your home page dramatically. I wouldn't recommend it - and if you decide to go for it, I'd recommend using a different page as landing page.

      Dror - Wix Team