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    Number of email addresses, alias and broadcasts

    Ticket by presid526 | January 20, 2014 | Question
    • Hello,

      We have an existing email account hosted with unlimited. We are planning to transfer this to WIX as part of our premium account however we cannot locate information relating to the maximum number of email addresses allowed under a premium WIX account. Please could you also confirm is alias emails, (i.e. sending to an "enquiry" address for example and it forwarding automatically to another private email) and broadcast emails (for sending bulk emails to a number of internal stakeholders such as staff@domainname.com).


      Many thanks

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    • Reply from Omer | January 20, 2014



      Currently Wix does not offer email aliases for domains hosted with Wix.

      The only email solution we offer at this time is to buy google apps mailboxes for your domain through Wix.

      You can find more information here: